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Prices for the Paradors are available on request.

We are always ready to help you. Office hours:  MST/MDT Monday-Friday 9:00 to 5:00  Saturday 9:00 to 4:00


Why do we not show prices ?

The answer is simple. We have access to special offers that change daily.  As well, rates vary according to several factors, and the discounted rates are constantly changing.  Each Parador sets aside only so many rooms for each of their promotional rates.  When those rooms are filled, the special rate is no longer available.

Other sites put up prices that may or may not be available on your dates – hoping just to get you to contact them. You may think you’ll be getting the lowest price shown – then once you try to book – they
admit that price isn’t available for your dates.  Or worse (and less forgivable) . . . they may conveniently forget to tell you about a special promo rate that is actually available to you.

We take pride in finding you the best rates for the types of rooms you prefer on your dates – period. It’s the way we would want someone to treat us.


For quotes on our packages please provide the following info:

The packages can be arranged to suit your needs and preferences (subject to availability at the Paradores, so always "the sooner the better" as far as reservations are concerned).

Our packages are fly/drive oriented for folks who like the freedom of doing their own driving while in Spain. We can, of course, arrange for trains and/or drivers if that is your preference.

Price varies according to the ages of the travelers (discounts for 55+ and 20 to 35), number of travelers, category of room preferred, and exact dates (some discounts available Sunday through Thursday only)

When you inquire, if you could advise on the points below, and how you wish us to proceed – we would be happy to quote you the best rates avaialble to you, and help your plan and make arrangements for your trip.

– What are your dates of travel?
– In what area of Spain will you be traveling
– What package/s interest you (please narrow it down to one or two)
– What are the ages of the travelers
– Will you be renting a car and driving – automatic or standard – size?
– What are your "must sees?"
– How many days desired in Madrid or Barcelona (city of arrival and/or departure)
– Do you have specific Paradors in which you are interested?


Your dream of Spain can be a reality!

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