Spain Travel Package – Canary Islands


"Contrast" is the keyword for the

You can find lively and crowded beach scenes
– with backdrops of high -rise hotels and discos that blare and rock until
dawn . . .

or –

You can hike into desolate landscapes of
stark and incomparable beauty and not see another person all day.

The Canary islands really have it all – and
also a climate that is very close to perfection.  The average
temperatures only range between 65 degrees F. in the winter to 75 degrees F.
in the summer.  They get more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in
Europe, and pleasant ocean breezes are the norm.

In these seven islands, nature has provided
every possible kind of geography.  The natural wonders will provide a
perfect counterpoint to the other plentiful activities for visitors – 
the high-life and night-life of the major cities and tourist areas.




Parador Las Canadas Del Teide

Tenerife is the archipelago’s
largest island, it’s most varied, and it’s most touristed.  It has the highest mountain peak in all of Spain (Pico del Teide), 
the most
popular wintertime beach in Europe (Playa de las
), and carpets of banana groves that stretch on for miles.

The two cities of
La Orotava
and La Laguna are quiet little jewels set
back away from the hectic beach scenes.  Of course, the whole of the
National de las
Cañadas del Teide is a "must see" for nature lovers and everyone else. Tenerife will
be your introduction to the islands and gateway to the other wonders in
these "islands of eternal spring."

The Parador Las Canadas Del Teide is situated at the highest
point of any building on the island, and is the only building allowed inside the
Teide Nature
.  The hotel dining room offers delectable local specialties
and beautiful views of Pico del Teide.

Parador Las Canadas dining room  
Parador Las Canadas bedroom  
Parador Las Canadas lounge


Teide Peak (3 km). At 12,195 ft. – the highest peak in Spain.
La Orotava (42 km)
Puerto de la Cruz (48 km)
Icod de los Vinos (52 km) Drago Milenario
La Laguna. ‘World Heritage City’. Episcopal palace, cathedral
and museums
Masca Ravine, Macizo de Anaga
Santa Cruz de Tenerife (70 km)

Telescope viewing

Typical festivals:
Rug festival La Orotava, 42 km.
Romería (procession) La Orotava, 42 km.



Parador La Gomera exterior

The "Island of Columbus" – the
little round island of the unique "whistling language."  La
Gomera has what is thought to be the oldest forest on the planet – located
in the mist-shrouded Garajonay National Park.  

There are few beaches here – this island is for hiking in the wilds,
strolling the streets of the main city, San
, or just relaxing in the stylish Parador.

La Gomera
(view from entrance above left) has an interesting mix of architectural
styles .  The view across the ocean to Pico del
Teide on Tenerife is
breathtaking.  They have a well-cared-for garden of subtropical species
and a fine restaurant that serves dishes you’ll find nowhere else in the


Parador La Gomera view  
La Gomera Parador bedroom  
Parador La Gomera gardens

San Sebastián de la Gomera. Torre del Conde, Columbus’ House
Garajonay Nature Reserve (15 km). Declared a World Heritage
Demonstration of ‘silbo de La Gomera’ (Gomera whistle
language) (20 km)

Mountain bikes
Underwater fishing
4×4 Routes

Typical festivals:
San Sebastián 20 January, San Sebastián de la Gomera
Canary Islands Day 30 May, throughout the island
Puntallana 2 October, in Puntallana, 8 km.

La Palma:

Parador La Palma

La Palma – the "isla bonita"  
– the
pretty island,
and "the hilliest island on the
earth."  It is the location of another incredible national park
– the Parque National de la
Caldera de Taburiente.  

This park contains one of the worlds largest volcanic craters whose walls
drop straight down to the dense pine forests that cover the crater’s
floor 2000 feet below! 

La Palma is the wettest of all the Canaries, and
you’ll be refreshed by the many shades of green in the islands beautiful

 The newer Parador La Palma offers all the
comforts one has grown to expect and appreciate from the wonderful Parador chain.  The rooms are very tastefully
appointed in traditional Canary Island style.


Santa Cruz de la Palma (8 km) Old quarter declared
Historical-Artistic Area
Los Llanos de Aridane (30 km to the west)
La Caldera de Taburiente National Park (35 km)
Los Sauces (30 km). Los Tilos forest (lime trees)
International observatories (35 km). On the ‘Roque de los

4×4 Routes

Typical festivals:
Fiesta de la Cruz 3 May, Sta. Cruz de la Palma
Fiestas Lustrales Descent of the Virgen de las Nieves, from 2
to 18 July


El Hierro:


El Hierro – "La isla
chiquita"  – the little island at the edge of the world. 
This is the least visited and most peaceful of the seven main
islands.  No tourist hub-bub here.

Its mountains drip from the almost continual clouds that cover them
– thus providing precious irrigation water for the rural and largely
agricultural lands and villages below.  Valverde
is the islands quaint inland capital.  It rests in misty,
introspective serenity.

The Parador El Hierro (view from room balcony above left) is perfect for the traveler who relishes real
"get-away-from-it-all" peace and quiet.  It occupies a completely isolated spot at the foot of a
mountain and only a stone’s throw from the calm waters of the Atlantic
ocean.  For some, sitting and soaking in the tranquil views from the
restaurant terrace, or your room’s balcony while sipping a glass of wine and dining on the freshest of
seafood – will be very close to holiday perfection.

Parador El Hierro

Viewpoints of Isora (32 km), Bascos (52 km)
Faro de Orchilla (67 km)
Valverde (27 km)
Valle del Golfo (53 km)
Restinga Route (55 km)
Al Árbol Santo (Garoe, 31 km)

Boat trips
Miniature golf
Mountain bikes

Typical festivals:
Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes once every 4 years, all
over the island (for 35 Km), 21 km. from Valverde, the closest


Gran Canaria


The four-star Parador Cruz De Tejeda sits at an
altitude 5,117 feet above the Atlantic ocean in the very center of the
island of Gran Canaria.  It is surrounded by pine forests, and
cleaner air you will never breathe! For those who love nature, this is a
spectacular setting for a hotel.  This is a mountainous area
overlooking Roque Nublo and the canyons, arroyos, and cliffs that lead
down to the coast far below. The village of Cruz de Tejeda is nearby. 

The Parador Cruz De Tejeda is known for its magnificent
views out over the island and for the huge rock cross presiding over the
entrance.  In the restaurant you can choose: Baifo (kid), potaje de
berros (watercress hotpot), conejo en salmorejo (rabbit in sauce), papas
arrugás y mojos (wrinkled potatoes with a hot sauce) and bienmesabe de
Tejeda (a kind of almond syrup dessert).

Parador Cruz De Tejeda is a wonderful place for hiking and
nature walks. You will be in an environment of tranquility where the
nights produce the the most fragrant and healthy air you may have ever
breathed! This is the perfect place to truly unwind.


Typical festivals
Almond Blossom Festival. Tejeda (9km.) First two weeks of February.
Festival of the Virgin of Soco Tejeda (9 km.) Starting the second week
in September.
Our Lady of the Pine Teror (20 km).
Carnival. February. Throughout the island.


The Canary islands have a reputation for being over-run with
tourists.  They do get a ton of younger sun-seeking types at the
"name" beaches and major cities on the main islands, but there is
another world to be discovered here – a world absolutely

Nature has gifted the Canary islands with a rare and singular beauty. 
For those with even a little curiosity for something other than the
"usual tourist hash"  – these islands guard hidden delights
that patiently await discovery.






Madrid is hands-down winner of the title, "Europe’s Liveliest City." 
Madrilenos don’t really get their day into high gear until after
dinnertime – and dinner usually starts around 10:00 p.m.!  Then
they flood their beloved city’s streets and "pasear" (stroll around) or
"tapear" (hop from tapa bar to tapa bar) until dawn.

Some speak of Madrid as being drab, but how far from the truth that
is!  Granted it suffers, as do many of the world’s major cities,
from urban sprawl – but once you get past the concrete jungle outskirts,
you’ll discover a city that provides
endless surprises and discoveries.

There are many pockets of very old buildings that contain odd
assortments of shops, tiendas and bars.  You’ll happen upon
eighteenth-century Bourbon squares, pleasant plazas and quaint
restaurants at every other turn. 

Must Sees:  The Prado
museum – the Reina Sofía and
Thyssen-Bornemisza galleries,
the Plaza Mayor, the Retiro Park,
Gran Via – and
the list could go on and on.

But really – the thing that makes Madrid so special are the street
scenes, the people and the energy that makes this the night-time,
high-energy capital of Europe.


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