Spain Travel Package – “Finest of Spain”


Luxury, History, Architectural Beauty

combine these with extraordinary settings, artistic surroundings, exquisite cuisine – and you’ve got the
best of the best  –
the "Finest of Spain" package.

Your journey through these different and distinct areas of Spain will provide a
wonderful cross-section and broad view of some of the traditions and cultures that
have united and shared in the formation of this majestic land. 

The Paradors at which you will stay are unsurpassed.  These are
the most excellent in Spain – and rival the finest hotels in the world.  All aspects
of your stay will be, not just first-class, but of an inspired and
superlative level that will surely surpass even the highest of your

The "Finest of Spain" tour
will take you through five geographical areas.  Each one has it’s own gastronomy, architectural style,
social customs, and
unique ambience.  All have made great and distinctive contributions to
the history, art, and culture of Spain.



Castilla y Leon:

Parador Leon

The kingdoms of Old Castile and
Leon – the
center of the golden age of  Spain.  From here began the
re-conquest, from here the edict and money to explore the new
world, and from here knights sallied forth to join the crusades.

The city of Leon is, at the same time, stately and bustling.  It has a
truly awesome cathedral (be sure and also see this at night when it’s
fully lit!) ,  Gaudi’s famous "Casa de
," and plenty of other appealing sites and activities to
keep visitors fully captivated for the length of their stay.  One of
Leon’s most incredible buildings now houses the Parador.

The Hostal de San Marcos Parador is special – in
every sense of the word.  Built in 1515, it has a wonderful Plateresque
facade and houses museum quality works of art.  This is 5 star luxury
at its finest and staying here promises to be one of the real highlights of your journey. 



Parador Cangas De Onis

Asturias is the sea – and cider – and
mountains of wild grandeur.  Here is proof of the ancient roots of European peoples – the awe
inspiring polychrome drawings in the caves of Alta Mira and
Tito Bastillo
This is the part of Spain that was least touched by the Moorish
occupation – and has been called the "the most authentic – the most
truly Spanish in character."

Asturias offers a 180 mile long string of interesting beaches and
secluded coves.  It has a thousand fascinating nooks and crannies to
enchant every visitor – like the fantasy summer home "El
" in Comillas
– designed
by the genius Gaudi .  Asturias also has
one of the finest hotels in the Parador chain.

The Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva
has been transformed into a 5-star hotel of great style.  Archeological
finds – artifacts from another age – have been seamlessly woven into the
decor of the Parador Cangas De Onis.  The Parador of
Cangas de
stands dignified and tranquil – far from the other tourist magnets
of Spain.  The sparkling clear Sella river
curves around the Parador grounds – and the massive Picos
de Europa
form a majestic natural backdrop that make this one of
Spain’s very special destinations. 



Parador Santiago De Compostela

Galicia is green – every
possible shade of green – wet and lush.  Galicia is bagpipes and fjords
("Rias").  This is like a land apart from the rest of Spain
– this is "Finisterre" – land’s

The Gallegos have their own language and customs quite different
from other parts of the peninsula.  Get ready for the best seafood in
Spain (a seafood festival is going on somewhere in Galicia every day of
the year!) – and the best sparkling white wine (Albariño) anywhere. 

 Santiago De
has been a hallowed
destination for pilgrims and travelers of all kinds for
centuries, and it’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

The Parador Santiago de Compostela, a 5-star hotel, is considered to be the oldest hotel in the
world – functioning as a shelter for travelers since 1499.  Its
beauty is immense, its quality unmatched.  You will be staying in a
luxurious museum – every turn presents new wonders.  This is
authentic 5 star sumptuousness – one of the world’s great hotels.

Parador Baiona



The Parador Baiona occupies the whole of its own small, fortified
peninsula – "Monte Real."   Wandering out along the
fortress walls and taking in the sea and harbor views is very pleasant
after a magnificent meal served in their fine restaurant.  The
grounds are well lit and guarded, so walking on warm nights can be especially romantic.



Parador Caceres


Extremadura – the land "beyond the
is the wealth of gold and conquistadores (Pizzaro, Cortes, De Soto)
– it is cork oak and wild herbs – vast open expanses and friendly people.

This is the great "outback" of Spain – little touristed
with much to discover:  The valley of cherries (Jerte
) a wondrous sea of white in spring – Roman ruins – and
pristinely preserved monument towns like the "World Heritage"
city of Cáceres.

The Parador Cáceres is housed in the former Torreorgaz palace.  The rooms
offer more than adequate accommodations, the service is outstanding, and
the restaurant serves exceptional meals.  Dining "al fresco" in the
patio on a warm night will make your meal most memorable. 

Parador Plasencia


The Parador Plasencia is another of the chain’s architectural
wonders.  It is a completely and exquisitely refurbished 15th century
Gothic convent.  The Plasencia Parador is perfectly located for walking excursions
into the city’s delightful old quarter. 

You’ll be close to many other
examples of centuries-old architecture and spend pleasant hours leisurely
strolling in this town that is definitely off the well-beaten tourist path. 
Stop for an afternoon aperitif on the main plaza and watch the huge
"mechanical clock"  in old clock tower strike the hour.



Parador Carmona

Andalucia – fiery flamenco, gypsies, olive trees,
strong wine, dazzling white villages, castenets and gaspacho.  Andalucia is most people’s vision of
Spain  – and it lives up to its image.

Seville and Granada
– the very names ring sweet to the ears.  Nothing on earth is so
close to heaven as strolling the Gardens of the
in Granada, or the white-washed streets of Sevilla – with
the heavy smell of orange blossoms hanging in the air – and perhaps the
faint strum of a distant guitar.

The Andalusian-styled Parador Carmona is housed in a 14th century moorish fortress.  Decorations are in
a very fine style with Sevillian tiles and Moorish motif.  It has panoramic views all around and
is conveniently close to Sevilla for easy daily excursions. 



The Parador Granada presents a very special privilege to those who stay
here.  At night, you’ll
have the enchanting gardens of the Alhambra all to yourself after the other
tourists have been locked out!  This and a close view of one of the great
buildings in the world – the Alhambra.  There are no finer opportunities
for romantic evenings than will be available to you here. 



Castilla – La Mancha:

Parador Toledo

Toledo – the Imperial city –
the city of three cultures.  For many, Toledo mesmerizes – it exudes
a strangely powerful attraction – dark, claustrophobic and profound. 
It was the seat of the Spanish Inquisition, the home of the brilliantly
disturbed El Greco, and the scene of both vicious and heroic events during the
Spanish civil war.

Dignified Toledo is full of splendor and endless surprises for the
traveler.  It is architecturally and culturally fascinating like few
other cities could be.  To look at Toledo from afar, is to be


The Parador Toledo is set on a remarkable site that has unmatched views
out over the city.  The building was originally built by the Count of
Toledo in the 14th century and is completely Toledan in character. The
restaurant  serves as a school for the chefs of the other paradors, and
the meals are nothing short of spectacular.  




Madrid is hands-down winner of the title, "Europe’s Liveliest City." 
Madrilenos don’t really get their day into high gear until after
dinnertime – and dinner usually starts around 10:00 p.m.!  Then
they flood their beloved city’s streets and "pasear" (stroll around) or
"tapear" (hop from tapa bar to tapa bar) until dawn.

Some speak of Madrid as being drab, but how far from the truth that
is!  Granted it suffers, as do many of the world’s major cities,
from urban sprawl – but once you get past the concrete jungle outskirts,
you’ll discover a city that provides
endless surprises and discoveries.

There are many pockets of very old buildings that contain odd
assortments of shops, tiendas and bars.  You’ll happen upon
eighteenth-century Bourbon squares, pleasant plazas and quaint
restaurants at every other turn. 

Must Sees:  The Prado
museum – the Reina Sofía and
Thyssen-Bornemisza galleries,
the Plaza Mayor, the Retiro Park,
Gran Via – and
the list could go on and on.

But really – the thing that makes Madrid so special are the street
scenes, the people and the energy that makes this the night-time,
high-energy capital of the world.

But really – the thing that makes Madrid so special are the street
scenes, the people and the energy that makes this the night-time,
high-energy capital of Europe.

You’ll stay at a 5-star hotel – and it
will be one of Madrid’s finest

We currently put our travelers into one of those below: 

The Melia Princessa The Melia Castilla The Westin Palace

Melia Princessa hotel

Melia Castilla hotel

Westin Palace hotel
The Intercontinental


The Occidental Miguel

Intercontinental hotel

Occidental Miguel hotel


All of these world-class hotels are well-situated for your exploration
of Madrid.  Expect the finest class of service – it will be impeccable
in every aspect.


Package Price (per person based on double occupancy) includes:

– All Paradors and hotels
– Car rental for all days except last two in Madrid

Contact us for current price for your

Adios Travel Services will take care of arranging every aspect of this special
journey for you.  The "Finest of Spain"  travel experience will not fail to live up to
its name.  You’ll have the travel experience of a lifetime visiting
these historically important and unique cities – and – these renowned Paradors
and hotels
will provide the very highest quality of accommodations throughout your stay.

Contact us today and begin planning your
vacation to the "Finest of Spain."


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